About the Team

About the High School Principal Marketing Team

Glen Hauser: Director of Sales and Marketing

Glen is a graduate of Colgate University with a Bachelor of Arts. After graduating, he decided that his extensive knowledge of Medieval European history was not his route to unlimited prosperity. Glen joined with Gary in 1989 as a partner at Campus Yellow Pages. In 1993, he decided to form his own business, Wings Media Group, Inc and in over 25 years he launched and developed several successful products in the direct mail advertising field.

With his extensive knowledge in marketing and digital media, Glen partnered again with Gary in 2011 and formed High School Counselor and Principal Marketing, where in a short span the company has become one of the most successful and trusted sources for data in the higher-ed field.

In his spare time he is an avid golfer and sports enthusiast along with spending quality time at the beach with his wife of 20+ years. Currently he is giving back to some of the same clients who purchased data from him in the form of college tuition for his three children. He plans on working until 104 to cover the cost of their educations.

Feel free to contact Glen with any questions.

Glenn Karaban: Director of Business & Organizational Sales

Glenn is a graduate of Syracuse University (’93) where he earned a BS in Advertising. With unintended foresight as to his eventual career in higher ed, Glenn extended his education two years and earned his MBA in Marketing from Rutgers University (’95). His father immediately “recruited” him into the family’s advertising sales and consulting business, which he eventually took over in 2003.

Glenn has managed the sales and marketing departments for organizations in industries ranging from healthcare and travel to retail and music. He brings to High School Principal Marketing and its clients 25+ years of experience and insight connecting hundreds of product and service providers with the markets they serve.

A proud father of three, Glenn is coming to terms with at least 11 straight years of college tuitions in the very near future. He is a once-and-future NYC marathon finisher and NY Giants and Syracuse Orange fan whose claim to fame is playing basketball once, and only once, for Jim Boeheim.

Feel free to contact Glenn with any questions.

Glenn Karaban

Gary Dinowitz: Director of Operations

Gary is a graduate of the University of Connecticut. An entrepreneur from day one, Gary began Campus Yellow Pages in 1990. CYP’s core business was providing daily planners and telephone directories to Colleges and Universities.

High School Counselor Marketing became an offshoot of this business and began producing directories for several Counselor Associations in the Eastern US. After several client inquiries asking about the ability to obtain lists for High School Counselors, the company’s focus changed to building the most comprehensive and accurate Counselor databases available in the world. Through Gary’s management and operations skills, both High School Counselor Marketing, and now High School Principal Marketing, have become the market leaders in providing higher-ed and related businesses with this crucial data.

In his spare time Gary is an art collector and an avid basketball player as well as a fanatical UConn Huskies fan. With a wife, two children and three dogs he is outnumbered six to one at home and can often be found in his home office taking solace in the pure joy and excitement of database maintenance.

Feel free to contact Gary with any questions.

Karen Cotton- Director of IT

Karen is highly experienced and knowledgeable in the complex area of data management. She is “the chef” who helps to craft and manipulate the data into the highly accurate format used by our clients.

In the past Karen worked for the Salk Institute for Biological Studies as both an IT Specialist and Marketing Associate. She came to High School Counselor Marketing in 2015 and quickly established herself as a key component of HSCM’s and HSPC’s growth. She is a highly disciplined and knowledgeable professional who has become an invaluable asset to the company.

In her free time Karen likes to visit with her friends in California and takes pleasure in imbibing the perfect martini. She also enjoys playing music, when the rest of us are not driving her crazy with layman’s questions about technical matters that make her want to curse the day Steve Jobs started a company in his garage.

Feel free to contact Karen with any questions.