7 Tips for higher SAT Scores

You would be amazed to know that the SAT is an exam which dates back to 1926; that means gazillions of students must have taken the exam and at least millions of them must have passed with flying colors. So don’t worry you can be one of them and can enter into your dream college. All you need to do is follow some of these listed techniques in order to achieve highest marks in SAT. Trust me, it isn’t as difficult as it may seem; just a little practice and you are through!

Build Your Vocabulary

The best way to improve your vocabulary is going through the previous wordlists of College Board practice tests. Another way to improve your vocab is to learn difficult words you come across everyday during conversations, books or television shows. Yes, it can even mean carry a dictionary with you 24/7 or you can install an app in your phone and search the meaning as soon as you come across one.

Experiment with different strategies while solving questions based on reading passages

Ideally, a student must read a passage once thoroughly and solve questions without having to refer to the passage again. I believe, it’s almost an impossible task for students to reach this level of perfection, especially when they get a few months to prepare for an exam. Hence, strategically must read the questions first carefully and then refer to the passage. This is the best way to save time.

Never leave a multiple choice question blank

Make a wild guess. According to College Board, if a person leaves the entire test blank and a person who blindly guesses on every other question, on average, receives the same score; so don’t you think that every question is worth a try?  Hence, a person who leaves nothing blank has a slight score advantage over the candidate who leaves some questions blank.

Read even when something doesn’t interest you

Students with mediocre scores in the reading passage section do fairly well on passages they find interesting. Most high school students skim through the passages they find boring and uninteresting; hence lose concentration if such a passage appears in SAT. Engage yourself in active reading in order to retain focus and keep practicing until your speed increases.

Start writing if you get stuck on a math problem

It usually happens that statements make the candidates confusing and mentally solving the problem makes it all the more complicated. Hence it is recommendable that students should write it down, label the diagram or draw a picture, whatever suits them to make it comprehensible. Chances are that they might find hidden patterns which they missed in the start.

Always consider the opposing point of view while writing an essay

If you really wish to impress the examiner then it is always advisable to explain both sides of the coin. You don’t have to agree with the contradictory statement, you just have to acknowledge that it exists and is reasonable but your point of view is superior due to whatever reasons you want to mention. You can do this in your concluding paragraph of the essay but the last line should always support the topic or your argument.

Always show your work

Silly mistakes have always turned the great scores in good scores. Hence no matter how confident you feel that you can solve a math problem in your head, especially the ones which have few steps, never rely on it. Spending some extra seconds on a problem wouldn’t cost much of your time.

Following these tips will surely help you to score more than 2000 points. Buck up and follow your dream.

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