Glenn Karaban High School Principal Marketing



Glenn is a graduate of Syracuse University (’93) where he earned a BS in Advertising. With unintended foresight as to his eventual career in higher ed, Glenn extended his education two years and earned his MBA in Marketing from Rutgers University (’95). His father immediately “recruited” him into the family’s advertising sales and consulting business, which he eventually took over in 2003.

Glenn has managed the sales and marketing departments for organizations in industries ranging from healthcare and travel to retail and music. He brings to High School Counselor and Principal Marketing and its clients 25+ years of experience and insight connecting hundreds of product and service providers with the markets they serve.

A proud father of three, Glenn is coming to terms with at least 11 straight years of college tuitions in the very near future. He is a once-and-future NYC marathon finisher and NY Giants and Syracuse Orange fan whose claim to fame is playing basketball once, and only once, for Jim Boeheim.

Feel free to contact Glenn with any questions.