Challenges faced by students living in dorms!

Living in a school hostel or dorm is not only an experience on its own, but one of the most memorable times spent in college as well. For some, it is a daunting experience of coping with their fears and anxiety. For some, it is a phase in their lives they have been waiting for while growing up in high school. But besides coping with one’s worst fears, it is important to highlight some noteworthy challenges which students face while living in dorms and student hostels.

1. Social Pressure – whether you admit or not, this is one of the most common problem faced by students. Even if you are the nerdy, studious sort, you are bound to get pulled into experiences and habits which you might not have ever dared to try. The odds are greater if you get roomy of the opposite personality. It becomes difficult to stick to your principles and say no to alcohol, smoking, and drugs at all time.

2. Lack of Privacy – from sharing a bathroom, to a room and standing in long queues to get your laundry done. It tends to become overwhelming for students. Too much of being just high on life all the time can also be a way of escape from ground realities for students.

3. Letting go of old habits – For most students living in dorms come from all backgrounds, cultures, societies, and upbringing. If one has had a posh luxurious life, then this certainly is a game changer for it’s a complete change of lifestyle. From sharing a room, with an unknown person, probably who does not agree with your way of living, to taking a shower with flip flops, people gazing and staring at you at all times whenever you pass through the corridor, no late night munchies or snacks near your bedside and certainly no one to do your laundry for you. A student is liable for their own schedule at all times. Most of all sharing things, along with sharing space, being patient and cool-headed at all times dealing with people from diverse backgrounds. No one will tolerate anyone’s tantrums

4. Cleanliness – keeping your room tidy and comfortable for yourself can be an overwhelming experience. Either you roomy is a clean freak, and you like to spread things out to make yourself at home, or vice versa. Either way conflicts are inevitable in this sphere. But conflicts if handled maturely can be fruitful

5. Lack of Sleep – it is likely that your schedule might differ from that of your roomy. Especially if one of you is not a freshman. Extra social roommates or studious roommates may have problems catching up on their sleep without any disturbance of noise and light

6. Too many rules – for some it is a way of showing a more adventurous side to themselves breaking rules. For some, it is painful always to abide by rules. No doubt that some students blame dorm rules for the increase in the number of accidents that happen late night.

Nevertheless, however, your roommates and life on campus might be, some of the best friendships have sprung out from dorm life and roommates. The real life experience of interacting with such diverse people not only teaches you tolerance and patience but also helps in appreciating the goodness in every human being. Whether one indulges in harm, or excessive socializing at the end the need to be loved and accepted by people around will never die. If students find it difficult adjusting to a new roommate, then one should question students parting with their dorm family. It’s beyond nostalgia.