College Planning Support – The Role Of Counselors and Parents In The Wake Of Covid-19

New Ruffalo Noel Levitz research indicates more than 80% of high school students count on their high school counselors for help researching colleges. Click below to read this informative study on the role of Counselors as well as Parents in the College decision process in the wake of COVID 19.


Meeting the Need for Post-Pandemic Tutor Programs

When schools closed their doors during the pandemic, it was education-as-usual for online high school and college students. However, in-person students encountered far different experiences.  Many students successfully transitioned to temporary online classes and Zoom...

Men’s College admission numbers are dropping at an alarming rate!

As colleges struggle to establish post-pandemic normalcy, they’re also dealing with a drastic decline in men’s college admission numbers. The most recent statistics reflect a dramatic overall dip in college enrollment numbers. Compared to Spring 2020, Spring 2021...

Comprehensive High School Counselor Email List

Colleges and universities trying to reach out to students will want to go through the relevant high school counselors. It is these counselors that set the stage for decisions students end up making. By providing them up-to-date information, it becomes easier to...


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