Rising Trend in Transfer Students for 4 Year Undergraduate Programs

Transfer Students for 4 Year Undergrad Programs

If you’re reading this, chances are that you are a student currently enrolled in a 2 or 4 year institute. This could also mean that if you are at a 2 year institute, you are thinking of transferring to a four year institute to complete your post secondary education. You are not alone in this transitional phase, typically 50-80 percent of first-time community college students indicate a desire to transfer and earn a higher degree.

Approximately one-third of the 2.8 million students who began their post-​secondary education in the fall of 2006, transferred at least once before earning any degree (National Student Clearinghouse, 2012). The main reason for the rise in this trend of transfer students is due to the increasing demand for a post-secondary education from private and well established institutes of higher learning. Not to take away anything from the quality of education provided at a public/community college, employers now a days are more interested in educational institutes that have a record of producing hard working and professional individuals.

Each year around 68% of the students who transferred from a two –year institute to a four-year institute attain their bachelor’s degree. Meanwhile another 8% are still in the process of completing their bachelors. This number has risen significantly from the studies conducted in the past few years by the National Student Clearinghouse.

Studies show a steady growth in four-year institute graduations by students who started out at a two-year institute at some point in the previous decade. this change is not only initiated by student desire only,Universities and colleges all across the board are targeting their recruitment drives towards prospects who are interested in transferring and pursuing a higher education. Websites and college fairs are the top strategies used to attract students who are interested in attaining university degrees through this route.

So, if you’re a two-year student reading this and you have been having thoughts about transferring to an in-state institute. Go for it! The stats mentioned above are proof that students are having a high rate of success in completing a four-year degree when they transfer over from a two-year public institute.