Shining a Light on Underrepresented Degrees.

We have all heard of universities which are eminent for one or two fields only but also offer different programs. An example to quote here is Harvard University which is widely known for its Business, Law and Medical schools but also proposes different degree programs to facilitate students.

So do you think that it is easy to promote an IT program of an institution which is widely known for its education in medicine?

Well, the question is quite tricky to answer but there can be ways through which colleges or universities can become famous for its various diversified fields.

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1. Recognizing the Loopholes

First of all you need to identify why some of your undergraduate programs are famous and others are not. This is the initial step where you’ll get to know the strengths and weaknesses of your offering. You can even compare your program with the same programs offered by different universities in order to identify your drawbacks.

2. Hiring the Right Staff

It is important that you don’t compromise on the quality of education you are offering and that means hiring educationists who are well versed in a particular field. In order to build equity of any degree program, it is required to hire well educated mentors.

3. Getting in Touch with Career Counselors

How will students get enrolled in your undergraduate program if they won’t even have the slightest idea that your institution offers it? Well, it’s important that you at least convey to different career counselors that you offer a wide range of undergraduate programs and its eligibility criteria.

4. Exclusive Brochures and Study Guides

The main mistake which most marketers make is that they keep on hammering on their well established product instead of enlightening the less known products. Same is the case with educational institutions. They keep on highlighting the merits of their best degree programs while they pay less attention on relatively lower recognized programs. Hence, it’s essential to give importance to other programs and published detailed study guides so that the candidates can have a better idea.

5. Social Media Marketing

These days people are usually found searching for relevant information over the internet rather than looking into magazines or newspapers. Hence in order to cater a large targeted audience for your degree programs, it is advisable that you make videos or share posts on your page in order to create awareness.

6. Increase your Credentials

An institution’s repute is not only measured by what people say or think about it but the number of candidates getting employed in a well known organization. Hence it is a university’s responsibility to pass out potential candidates who proves to be a prestige for future organizations where they later serve in.

As an admission officer, these tips will certainly help your institute get its relatively unknown undergrad programs noted on the national stage.