The College Board and Project Lead the Way: Preparing Students for a Bright Future early.

Scholarships & Career Opportunities for Students

Are you one of the millions of American high school students trying to figure out the best way to get into the University of your Choice? Maybe you are reading this from the comfort of the Admissions office at a prestigious and accredited University, trying to decide which student deserves a seat at your institute. Either way, The College Board and Project Lead the Way (PLTW) have decided to make these decisions a little easier. A partnership between the two non-profit organizations, announced earlier this week, will allow better access for students into college, scholarships and career opportunities.

This decision was based on success of the Advanced Placement Program (AP) and PLTW’s already successful applied learning program, both of which have repeatedly proven their ability to prepare students for a successful transition into college careers. By blending existing programs; the organizations aim to provide a clear passage for students into pivotal STEM fields such as engineering, biomedical science, and computer science.

Set to launch in the summer of 2016, this partnership also allows schools to receive crucial credentials by providing students a learning experience through these programs. It also generates multiple opportunities for high schools students to earn credentials that illuminates their academic abilities and overall readiness for college. Students will also have a chance to participate in career-focused activities such as internships and scholarships.

“To compete in the global marketplace, students need access to challenging course work that will prepare them for college and career success in these critical fields. By harnessing the positive impact of Advanced Placement and Project Lead the Way’s applied learning programs, this new partnership will provide students with clear and comprehensive pathways to pursue a wide range of STEM degrees and careers,” said College Board President and CEO David Coleman.

Both the College Board and PLTW have observed the importance of preparing high school students as early as possible for chasing degrees with high demand in the current job market. It is estimated that in the next five years, over 50% of all jobs, especially well-paying jobs will require post secondary education and/or training.  So getting started at a college career early will become more and more significant as time goes on.

“This partnership combines the strengths of two leading organizations to create immense value for students, schools, and the broader workforce,” said PLTW President and CEO Dr. Vince Bertram. “Through rigorous K–12 curriculum, quality teacher professional development, and widely accepted post secondary credit opportunities, students and schools will set themselves apart as vital assets to post secondary institutions and employers across the world.”

This long-term partnership will create avenues for different college and career passageways in crucial stem fields by merging AP courses with PLTW programs. Each of these passage ways will consist of the following.

  1. PLTW courses that will surely familiarize students with their field.
  2. AP courses that will provide students with college credits before they even graduate high school.
  3. Specialized courses provided by the PLTW that spotlight the skills and knowledge needed for a rewarding career.

Additionally, College Board has also made public its desire to introduce new and exciting AP courses to help students get college credits early.

These new and exciting programs by PLTW and the College Board aim to broaden the access available to high school students for ambitious and challenging courses which allow students from across the country an opportunity for success at the college and career level.