The Ways COVID-19 Affects College Admissions

Are you wondering how the COVID-19 crisis will affect college admissions? If you are, then you are not alone. Most students have had a tough time wrapping their heads around the COVID-19 crisis. There is a lot of uncertainty concerning college admissions. The coronavirus has disrupted life throughout the globe, and thus, the best you can do is hope that things go back to normal as soon as possible. The virus had continued to spread at a time when most high school seniors were planning to join colleges. Some were even waiting for acceptance letters from the respective college. Unfortunately, colleges have been forced to handle the admissions process differently since most operations have stalled. If you had applied to join a particular college during the fall, you should follow the developments closely to see how the coronavirus pandemic will affect your learning. Below are some of the ways the COVID-19 epidemic has affected college admissions.

With the pandemic affecting the whole globe, more colleges are worried that most students may decline admission offers due to the health calamities and the economic fallout. For this reason, colleges are likely to offer potential students more scholarships in an effort to enroll them in the colleges. The schools may offer bigger incentives to have students who had initially declined their offer, to join the college. Initially, this was considered a form of poaching, but this no longer applies. Students will need to choose whether they will stick with the first college or transfer to the college, offering them a more prominent scholarship.

The Coronavirus crisis has hugely shifted the education sector. Most admission procedures have been postponed to a later date. Due to the uncertainty of the virus, it is almost impossible to determine when the students will be able to resume their classes. The pandemic has affected many people in the education sector, including the administration and teaching staff. It has also affected the eligibility of most students who have been affected by the coronavirus. It is highly likely that the colleges will postpone most of their application deadlines and also make some changes to their admission processes. You should keep checking the website of the college you plan to attend for any updates.

If you had applied to one of the most influential colleges, it might be harder for you to get admission as opposed to how it was before. Most of the competitive colleges are likely to have a long waitlist due to the effects of COVID-19. Due to the lockdown, most international students will not be able to travel across countries. If the international students can’t travel due to the coronavirus, most of these colleges will opt to admit students from the waitlist. Also, most students are choosing to abandon their first choice college and, instead, attend a college that is near home, according to a survey. Some colleges are therefore expecting to admit more students than before as most students opt to stay closer to their homes.

The Coronavirus pandemic has really affected college admissions in a huge way. Institutions are forced to use different admission strategies while students are also choosing smart college options due to the epidemic.

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