Top 3 Engineering Universities in America


Engineering is well known as one of the highest paying fields of work in the world right now. It is a widely popular choice amongst students that have a passion for building, creating and developing products, and especially amongst those students that excel in maths and science.

The list below will break down the top 3 universities to earn a degree in engineering inside the Unite States of America. The rankings are based on overall quality and standard of education. Any data regarding salaries is provided by ‘Payscale’.

This list is not a ranking of an engineering major in a specific school, but rather an overview on how the school does based on the engineering degree it provides.

Missouri University of Science and Technology



Located in Rolla, MO, MUST is a four-year public university that is offering courses all the way up to the Ph.D. level. Two of the most popular engineering majors offered at the school are mechanical and civil engineering. Although not as selective as the first two schools on this list, MUST graduates can rake in a sweet 60 thousand Dollars at their first employment.

Georgia Institute of Technology



The main campus located in the states capital Atlanta is a public research university with extremely high selection and academic standards. The university is ranked as a best value school due to it being relatively affordable and offering very high outcomes.  With a very low student default rate, these elite universities engineering grads reportedly earn upwards of 60 thousand dollars a year.

Colorado School of Mines



Located in the university town of Golden, Colo, this public research university has very high admission, academic and selection standards. One of the main focuses of the institute is the responsible implementation of the Earth’s resources. Engineering is the most popular field of study at this school, with majors in general engineering and petroleum engineering among the most sought-after. Mines offers degrees up to the Ph.D. level, and is ranked as one of College Factual’s best value schools due to its reasonable tuition and high student outcomes. Engineering graduates start out with high average salaries of $68,000!

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