Universities should have healthy relationship with High School Counselors

High School counselors’ relationship with students is not limited to them just being in school, but their role is often extended as mentors and coaches to pupils until their graduation from University. High school counselors are the best resource at hand for parents, teachers, and universities to stay in touch, while working with students coming from a particular high school.

Research has shown that students pursuing school-based counseling have improved self-esteem, confidence and are more eager to learn in good universities. This is an on-going process or even a life long journey for some students. While a student enters college or university, the counselor is a significant influence in decision making. Counselors are treated and highly regarded as mentors whose opinions and suggestions are ultimate. Many students often bypass their parents when it comes to deciding on a university, but the same can’t be said about high school counselors.

Student recruitment department at universities may serve best and meet desired targets if they are aligned professionally with high counselors who are better heard by students. The counselors should be regularly engaged and educated by officers on new developments, achievements, education structure, scholarship opportunities and most importantly the environment it inculcates for overall student experience.

Though students come from a particular institution, the high school counselors can best gauge their ability and thinking pattern. Thus, smartly aligning students to best universities where they may prosper.

For example, a student with a learning disability would only be recommended by their high school counselor to a particular university program after having extensive knowledge through contacts at the institution. The reasons for suggesting a particular university for any student would always be complete awareness given by institutions. Those who lack contact with high school counselors are always left with negative image marketing.

Furthermore, a new setup can be disturbing for any person. Adjusting with new people and new faces can be an overwhelming experience. Therefore, high school counselors are not only mentors but caretakers of students that need a trusted person to go to.

The fact that every student needs to be dealt differently is so important in shaping their personalities. Students in high school may be impulsive and aggressive, whereas, by the university they mature into young adults. Reflection on their behavior and psyche by their high school counselors can work with strong recommendations. For example, a student suffering from stress or anxiety; high school counselor can help the university in recognizing symptoms of anxiety previously and what works for them. Also, they are brilliant in suggesting the right education path to take for a successful outcome.

In short, universities that do not have robust and healthy high school counselor relations will always end up with limited or negative image marketing. This does not only mean less student requirement but affects the overall working concerning university’s educational infrastructure development.